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Jerry Jariwalla

It is important to build relationships online, these relations could convert into numbers for your business, but you might have to do something more to maintain the relations and while at it bring more audience. This is where digital marketing comes in. In this day and age of social media addiction, businesses have found a professional way to tap into this channel and grow their returns.

Unlike the layman’s way of posting products online without fully understanding of your target audience, digital marketing bring in professionalism in the way you engage with your clients. Jerry Jariwalla, a digital marketer highlights five important stages, social media marketers should adopt to win the trust of customers online and keep them coming for some more

1. Attraction

Your products or online presence should be felt, such that people get to understand who you are what products you are selling, and what benefits are they getting from transacting with you. Jerry says a combination of psychology, marketing, and technology goes a long way in the attraction stage.

2. Engage

Social media users will always ask a question, some will comment on the products others will want to buy already, Its prudent t have that conversation with your audience. However most brands will jump in and try to sell the product, yet 97 percent of the people viewing the content aren’t ready to buy. The conversation bridged the gap.

4. Capture

It is important to take in the details of the potential clients you have engaged with online. This is a useful tool in remarketing and retargeting your clients. Jerry advises that after you have satisfied your customer takes time to engage them further, get their phone number. In the future, you will be able to address their questions in detail answer that question in detail.

5. Nurturing 

At this stage, you have to show your client what value you are offering. Give them an incentive to take the opportunity.  Explore the power of scarcity, but do not deceive your clients. The likes of black Friday are a perfect way to nurture clients as they will always have something to look forward to.

6. Conversion

Jerry says that the more ‘virtual’ hands you shake the more money you make. Choose when how and what to offer your customers once they chose to buy your product. You could start off with a buy one get one free type of offer, to make it appealing.

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