Residents Ditch Dentists For Fresh Cow Urine

Drinking cow urine

Toothaches suck. But urine from a lactating cow could heal it. Residents in Uganda have been diligently drinking fresh cow urine as part of natural drugs for treating toothache. They claimed that seeking help from professional dentists is very unaffordable for many poor households in the area explaining the very reason they treat toothaches at home using cow urine.

48-year-Old Grace has been drinking urine from her lactating cow for er toothache. It has been working magic in relieving the pain. She has been generous enough to dish out portions of the urine to dozens of people suffering from a toothache in her village.

“I had first used diclofenac drug but it did not work out for me. Again, I tried drinking juice extracted from crushed blackjack leaves and eucalyptus tree leaves but they did not help reduce the pain. When I endured toothache for long, I drank cow urine and felt better later, the pain was no more,” she

However, health officials have warned locals against using cow urine saying it contains deposits that are harmful to human health. That the deposits found in cow urine are acidic and can affect the liver when taken, advising them to seek professional help from designated health centers.

“It is not healthy at all. It is not proven in any laboratory in history that cow urine is a cure for toothache. We need to talk to such kind of people so that they can stay away from such practice. There are remedies such as tooth filling and removal. The residents should go to the hospital where they will be educated on how to care for their teeth,” cautioned one expert.