More Sex Could Delay Menopause – Study

More SEX, delay Menopause

Ladies if you enjoy getting laid every now and then, you might wanna increase the frequency, for all the good reasons. We all want to look 30 when we hit 70, our skin young and glowing and our ovaries fertile like never before. Sex is the key.

A study, based on data collected from nearly 3,000 women who were followed for 10 years has revealed that women who have sex more often are less likely to have early menopause.

According to the study, found that those who reported engaging in sexual activity weekly were 28% less likely to have experienced menopause at any given age than those who engaged in sexual activity less than monthly. Women who had sex monthly were 19% less likely to experience menopause at any given age compared with those who had sex less than monthly.

“If a woman is not having sex, meaning there is no chance of pregnancy, the body might opt not to invest in ovulation. There may be a biological energetic trade-off between investing energy into ovulation and investing elsewhere, such as keeping active by looking after grandchildren,” said the study author, Megan Arnot, a PhD student.

Women cannot escape menopause, unless in the case of death and there is no behavioural intervention that could stop reproductive cessation. Nonetheless, the results are an initial indication that menopause timing may be adaptive in response to the likelihood of becoming pregnant, as in the case of sexual intercourse sex increases the levels of estrogen, a critical hormone in pregnancy

Although the researchers are yet to identify the underlying biological mechanism that results in sexual activity actively influencing when a woman’s reproductive cycle comes to an end, because the whole hormonal mechanisms surrounding the menopause is complex, the fact that it happens is such a big deal.