Porn Website Offers Duchess Meghan a Job After Royal Split

Duchess Of Sussex Royal Split

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex got tongues wagging worldwide on 8th January after announcing that they are resigning from the royal family, so they could be financially independent while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen, as they agreed to split their time between Britain and North America

This huge announcement sparked mixed reactions across the world with a majority throwing shade at their plans. The Globe and Mail went on to describe the Sussexes’ plans to move as vague and not something that Canada can allow, while Canada’s biggest newspaper blatantly wrote that it is not open to anyone looking to get out of Britain while remaining a royal.

Things have escalated pretty fast and now a porn website is offering Meghan Markle a unique job position of Director of Special Initiatives at YouPorn to aid with its philanthropic endeavours so as to kick-start her new life outside the royal family. The Vice President of YouPorn finds the suits Actress as the perfect candidate for director of special initiatives as she can find ‘creative solutions’ in old fashioned norms.

“At YouPorn we are always looking for ways to give back but face the challenge of judgement from companies and organisations that do not accept funding from our industry. You have proven to be someone that comes up with creative solutions and interesting ways to help make the world a better place, even in the face of outdated policies and ways of thinking. For this reason, you are a perfect fit for the position!” said the Vice President of YouPorn Charlie Hughes.

According to Hughes, they had been following news about the royal split and they applaud her efforts to create her own life outside of the royal palace. The company seemed optimistic to receive a reply from the Duchess saying YES to joining the YouPorn family.