7 Things You Should Do Before January Ends

January Achievements

The twelve months of January 2020 are slowly fading away, eleven more days to go before we all drown in the month of love February. We can only hope that you lasted this far. If you did, well and good. Let’s get to set things right, so we can call January a wrap.

Folks say that how you start your year and how you end it matters a lot. So if you began 2020 on a low note it’s not too late to spice up things and stay the course so you may look back and bravo yourself. Before January becomes a distant memory, here are things that should put in place;

1. Start your savings plan

It’s not too late to jump into your savings plan. A coin away keeps poverty away. Billionaires will tell you that you do not need all the money in the world to start putting away some for the future. With as little as you have, a target and a little motivation, you can start with a small as twenty bob a day. People who have been saving consistently will tell you how delayed gratification works magic.

2.  Get a job

It’s good to close in on this short window when lots of corporate organizations are restructuring. In the process of restructuring, they are recruiting massively for new positions or existing ones that are unoccupied. 2020 is the year you learn how to be financially independent and hustle your way up. It rewarding to be hardworking.

3. Go slow on alcohol

Partying every weekend can be a little difficult in this month because January sets the pace for the other months to come. School fees, rent, shopping should come first before your booze. Drinking less now is not only good for your health but also for your financials. If your plan was to quit alcohol, you can start small to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

4. Start a business

If getting a job is proving to be an extreme sport for you, self-employment could just be the door that you should be knocking on. Converting your passion into money could metamorphose you into a self-made billionaire everyone is on the streets nowadays. The bigger picture is making money by meeting the demand in the market.

5. Revise your resolutions

Now that the year has started, you have tested the waters and you know how deep you are willing to go. If the future looks bright, you might want to rewrite your resolutions tailored to your forecast and projections. It’s important to narrow down your resolutions to short term goals that can be achieved on a daily or weekly basis. Stick to the plan, so you do not write off important stuff.

6. Join a Chama

Thes self-help groups are doing wonders for folks. If you haven’t heard the stories, then you might want to be at the center of the story. Women and men are coming together, pooling funds and investing in land, property and productive agriculture projects. At the end of the day, you are able to achieve so much as a group than if you trudged the path, one man.

7. Get saved

Have a deity. Your spiritual life needs some fresh breathe too. This life demands some supernatural guidance.

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