How Kenyan Government Has Prepared For Coronavirus Threat

Coronavirus threat

As of 11th February last 2020, over 43000 confirmed cases and over 10000 deaths had been reported globally with China being the most affected by the Coronavirus disease ( COVID-19). In Kenya, the most recent instance of a passenger who was suspected to be having coronavirus got the public worried sick, forcing the Ministry of Health to issue an update on the state of CoronavirusDiseases in the country. The Ministry affirmed that the has been no case of the disease in the country and it has continued to heighten its surveillance systems at all points of entry in the country.

In its surveillance, the ministry picked up seven cases all of which tested negative for the disease since it’s last press meeting and the two alerts this morning turned out to be false. Among the interventions, the government has mentioned being in place in an updated notice on the COVID-19 include;

1. Bringing Ministries, department, and agencies  on board to deal with the threat

2. Having the necessary capacity for in-country testing. 

3. Mandatory screening in all points of entry to minimize the risk of importation from the affected countries

4. Sensitizing 400 health workers in both private and public facilities on how to deal with suspected cases.

5. Isolation and quarantine facilities in the Kenyatta National Hospital for suspected cases while they undergo investigations

The government has urged members of the public to remain vigilant and follow precautionary measures including; Maintaining basic hand and respiratory hygiene and safe food practices, avoiding contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections

Anyone showing coronavirus symptoms like fever, coughing and sneezing with a recent history of travel to China are advised to visit the nearest health facility for assessment and prompt management. Kenyans have also been also advised against non- essential travels to affected countries.