Why Africans Could Survive Coronavirus if it Comes Knocking

Coronavirus threat

Coronavirus disease has been a menace. Most up to date statistics reveal that over 43000 confirmed cases and over 10000 deaths had been reported globally with China being the most affected by the Coronavirus disease ( COVID-19). In Kenya, the Ministry of Health affirmed that the has been no case of the disease in the country and it has continued to heighten its surveillance systems at all points of entry in the country.

Well while the African continent is still safe and sound from the deadly virus, Africans are still at threat following the increasingly reported cases of new infection in neighboring states. But there is the hope of surviving and getting cured following the case of a young Cameroonian student in China recently infected with Coronavirus but was released from hospital cured of the virus.

Amazed by the fact that Senou survived the virus, the doctors linked his blood genetic composition which is mainly found in the genetic composition of Subsaharan Africans to his cure. The Chinese doctors also said that he remained alive because he has black skin, the antibodies of a black are 3 times stronger, powerful and resistant compared to that of other races.

‚ÄúCaucasians are always at war with our black skin because they know our melanin is our defense against all that they throw at us. This proves yet again that the black man is indestructible, our bodies are made of the same substances that make up this Earth because we are owners of this universe they will never wipe us off, history has already proved that” a happy African shared his opinion.

In Kenya, the government has advised anyone showing coronavirus symptoms like fever, coughing and sneezing with a recent history of travel to China are advised to visit the nearest health facility for assessment and prompt management. Kenyans have also been also advised against non- essential travels to affected countries