Safaricom Intros New Postpay Plan with Generous Voice and Data


A few years ago, telco giant Safaricom introduced Karibu Postpay tariff to its subscribers in need of a plan with a combination of talk time, text messages as well as data bundles, to accommodate their usage and fit into their lifestyles.

In the Karibu postpay tariff, Safaricom subscribers are offered a two price payment plans with access charge between Ksh1,000 and Ksh2,500 per month. For Ksh1,000 per month, a subscriber gets 900 minutes talk time for on-net calls (within the Safaricom network), 100 minutes for off-net calls as well as 100 megabytes of data and 100 on-net SMSes. For Ksh2,500 a month, subscribers get 2,200 minutes for Safaricom to Safaricom calls, 300 minutes to rival networks, 250 megabytes of data and 250 on-net text messages.

The postpay tariff has been a success thanks to the ease of joining the plan and the convenience of having data, voice and SMS in one package for as low as Ksh 1000 to last a month. To provide its existing postpay customers with a much better experience, and attract new subscribers into the tariff, Safaricom has today launched a new postpay plan with more focus on data and less on talk time, and unlimited SMS.

For 1,000 Kshs you 5GB, 400 Minutes of talk time and unlimited SMS. For Ksh 2000 you get 15GB, 1000 minutes and unlimited SMS. For Ksh 3000 you get 25GB, 1500 minutes and unlimited SMS. Ksh 5000 offers unlimited data, SMS and 2500 minutes while Ksh 10000 has unlimited data, SMS and voice.

Among other key propositions in the plan include, customers, being able to activate postpay without having a purchase plan, customers buying a plan or increasing their plans to limit, customers being able to change their plan within a limit, stopping autorenewal and the option to exit postpay.

To Join postpay

  1. Dials *544# and select option 4 to join PostPay
  2. You will be provided with credit limit option and selects option1 to activate
  3. Terms and conditions will be presented. The customer then selects proceed
  4. Customer is prompted to enter email address
  5. Customer is presented with the plan options from Ksh 1000 to Ksh 3000
  6. Customer selects proceed. Notification sent of bundle purchase success.

To increase limit

  1. Dials *544# and select option 4 to join PostPay
  2. You will be provided with credit limit option and selects option 2 to set your own limit
  3. Customer prompted to enters preferred credit limit
  4. Terms and conditions presented customers selects proceed
  5. Customer selects activate, selects a plan and confirms the purchase

To buy a plan, change plan within your limit or stop autorenewal

  1. Customer dials *544# and select PostPay
  2. Option 1 is to buy plans, option 2 is to change plan, option 4 is to stop autorenewal
  3. Click on the plan, proceed and the customer receives a notification.

To exit postpay

  1. Customer dials *544# and select PostPay
  2. Select option 6 to exit postpay
  3. Proceed to move your number to prepay
  4. The customer required to clear bill via deposit or via MPesa
  5. The customer receives a notification of successfully migrating from postpay to prepay