Scientists Looking For Volunteers to be Injected with Coronavirus at A Handsome Pay

Coronavirus threat

Of all the continents in the world, Africa has remained unnerved about the deadly COVID -19, that is fast spreading across Europe and Asian countries, that scientists are dying to find out what it is with our continent.

Over 5000 people have died of the virus and at least 90000 infected. Medics are working around the clock to establish a vaccine that will cure the virus, but it might take a little longer before it become fully functional. Word has it that scientists are looking for 24 individuals who are willing to volunteer to be infected with C0VID-19 in an experiment to develop a vaccine.

A notable tabloid in the UK has revealed that The Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre in Whitechapel, London is the recruiter and the volunteers will not go away empty-handed as they will be paid a handsome amount of Ksh 472,000,

The volunteers will be injected with two weaker versions of the virus and a cure developed by the scientists administered to them to see if it will successfully fight the COVID-19. The infected volunteers will be quarantined for two weeks in a well ventilated and will be required to eat a strict diet. They will be closely monitored to assess their response to the vaccine.

However, the use of these 24 volunteers for such a life-threatening medical experiment awaits the approval of the UK’s medicine watchdog, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.  Across the world, scientist are working around the clock to find a cure for COVID-19. World Health Organization (WHO) has listed about 35 vaccines with the potential of fighting the virus.

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