Catholic Church Defiant Of Coronavirus Threat, Keeps Doors Open


The spread of COVID-19 has forced churches in Kenya to abide by the directive issued by the government to change its operations amid coronavirus. When the first few cases of the virus were confirmed in Kenya, religious institutions were ordered to provide worshippers with hand sanitizer, soap and water, but the low turn out after the first case was reported saw the number of congregants drastically drop.

But with speculations that things might worsen in the coming weeks, various churches in country suspended worship and resorted to platforms where their congregations can live stream the services in the coming Sundays. On Tuesday, the All saints cathedral advised those whose weddings were to take place in the next four weeks to cancel them plus the receptions. However, for those who insist on going on with their plans will have only have 10 people admitted into the sanctuary and the ceremony would last for a maximum of 30minutes.

The Catholic church in Kenya has not been very responsive to coronavirus pandemic. In a statement released on Thursday by the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, the church will remain open but priests have been told to exercise caution in regard to large gatherings. Attendance of mass will be on the discretion of faithful as those who prefer to remain at home can follow the mass through television and radio broadcast.

“Our churches are not closing. They will be the focal point of prayer, where you will find solace and strength from God,” read the statement.

The faithfuls have been urged to avoid ‘common eating’ and those handling church offerings are to ensure they protect themselves with gloves and masks. As for confession,  face to face interactions and both parties encourages to use of the confessionals provided with a linen device and preferable use protective masks

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