Senate Makes A Generous Contribution Towards Combating COVID-19

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Politicians love their million, but their appetite has somehow been tamed by COVID-19 crisis which is cutting across all walks of life with no cure to run to. In a generous move to help the government in combating the virus which, the senate has channelled Ksh 200 Million towards the fight.

A statement from Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka said a number of measures have been taken by the various levels of Government and various State officers.

“The Senate Business Committee resolved that the Senate shall yield the sum of Ksh. 200 million from our budget allocation in the current Financial Year 2019/2020 to aid in the efforts of the Government in combating the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

The Parliamentary Service Commission was directed to take the necessary administrative measures to yield the stated sum from the budget of the Senate to the National Treasury. On 25th March during President Uhuru announced that his administration had offered a voluntary reduction in the salaries of the senior ranks of the National Executive, to share in the burden occasioned by the present global health pandemic.

Also, the National Treasury has established the Public Finance Management Regulations for the year 2020 which will facilitate the setup of an emergency fund which will be overseen by a 10-member board constituted by president Uhuru, to help fight coronavirus.

According to Treasury CS Ukur Yatani, the fund will be used to mobilise resources for an emergency response towards containing the spread, effect and impact of the disease and will be used to purchase the essential supply for public hospitals and other related institutions, health professionals and front-line workers. Micro, small and medium enterprises which have been rendered vulnerable by the disease, will also benefit.