10 Good Habits Kenyans Will Acquire From COVID-19 Quarantine and Social Distancing


Many of us Kenyans are used to routines. If you are not in the office working, then you are in caught up in traffic on your way home, or you are in the house Netflixing and chilling with family or you are asleep. While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home except for those who providing essential services to the public, spending a whole day in the house is proving to be a challenge to busybodies.

Social media addiction is slowly creeping into the lives of a majority who have a hard time working from home even for a few hours. The sleep that we always crave for in the early mornings that we leave for work, is not that good anymore. We miss the crowded status, the busy streets, the long stretches of traffic jam that we sit in for hours without complaining, the many cups of coffee we have to take to remain alert so as to deliver on our targets. But things are not about to flip any sooner, because the country is staring at a lockdown, as coronavirus cases are expected to surge.

As nature would have it, people will be forced to change their ways of life to adapt to social distancing measures and quarantine. Self-realizations and new habits will kick in and even in the projected five months when coronavirus will have died a death and the world crawl into reality from their cocoons.

They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit and in three months time, here are some of the habits you will not fade away

1. Washing hands regularly with soap and running water

The recommended number of times for washing hands in this crisis is at least twelve times. Previously, washing hands was perceived as a not so necessary thing to do, because germs are not aware. But five months of practising what is being preached by the ministry of health will transform many Kenya’s into hygiene freaks inside and outside places of work.

2. Hand sanitizers in offices will be a necessity

COVID-19 may kick our arses for a little longer, and even when the situation is maintained and everything gets back to normal, hand sanitizers will gain significance in many offices. Employees will care pretty much about the surfaces they especially in companies with more than five employees. As the boss, a hand sanitizer will be valuable enough to rate your ability to take good care of the well being of your staff

3. More online collaboration and working from home.

Businesses are up and running virtually amid COVID-19 lockdown. Emails are being checked on time and messages being responded to much faster. Tasks that needed a physical meeting to be completed are being done over emails, efficiency and time saving is at its bests. This could be the trend for the rest of the company’s life and workmates will slowly develop a positive attitude towards giving timely feedback and being proactive.

4. Handshakes will be relegated. 

Namaste will take over the traditional handshakes. A  cultural practice deeply embedded in our way of life will slowly lose its meaning, as Kenyans get used to waving and verbal greeting without any physical contacts. The society will change it’s perspective onhand shares and live happily ever after without it.

5. Redefined social habits like going out for a bottle or two

You have been doing just fine without the boys daily drinking spree. You still alive health and kicking and sipping booze, relaxed your mind wondering off to unknown lands is kinda your thing. The taste of barley in your mouth feels good, and the fresh breeze blowing in off your balcony on seventh flow makes it perfect. The noise, rowdiness and drunk men always talking about women, parties, football and work become a distant memory. You completely redefine your social habits.

6. Working out in the house

Gym freaks will learn how to work out in the house, using there children and wife as weights which could be pretty fine. The idea of having a physical gym around you all the time will have to be shut down for a while. You will learn how to do things right by yourself snd be your own competition into fitness and good health.

7. Reading books

Sleeping all wellbore you to death, same to watching movies all week long. When COVID-19 crisis is over, you might want to leave the house more learned. Those who will have made books their friends will not stop at that. They will continue to explore and download kindle to keep reading in matatus.

8. Better personal hygiene

Staying at home makes may people too lazy to take a shower. But when you realise its one of the most fulfilling thing you can do at least twice a day, you will get used to it. Brushing your teeth often, doing laundry for your family, keeping your house very neat at law time could become a good habit that will go a long way into your future.

9.  Learning new skills

In a strong internet connection, you will be all over the university of youtube watching Do It Yourself Videos on how to prepare delicious meals for your family, how to make good use of your backyard, how to sow among others. There is something about learning things by yourself that does not go away by itself.

10. Paying attention to the government orders

We all have issues trusting the government. Some are too ignorant to follow simple instructions given by the state. But during this time, we have witnessed a government so down to earth, so committed to a common course like never before. Kenyans are naturally stubborn, but in its crisis, they have been very cooperative and supportive of the government. Many who have ailed to adhere have suffered the wrath.