New Guidelines For Businesses Operating in COVID-19

Business covid-19

In the last few days, Kenyan has been recording more numbers of COVID-19 cases with the highest number to be reported in a day recorded as 45. In March the government has announced that April will be the worst month in battling the virus as there will be more positive cases, but there were very few cases reported in that month compared to other countries that were worst struck by the pandemic.

This realization made Kenyans for a moment ignore the threat that COVID-19 presented in their lives and have been going on with business as usual, an attitude that has got the government worried sick. But the economic aspect of the virus has forced the government to come up with stringent measures about, to allow businesses to keep operating but they must adhere to certain guidelines. Here are some of them.

  1. Companies must avoid face to face meetings and if absolutely necessary maintaining security distance is a must.
  2. Businesses must ensure that bathrooms are properly equipped with soap dispensers, paper towels or air dryer, toilet paper and trash cans that open with the use of a foot pedal.
  3. Hand sanitizer must be made available especially in the cashier area and at the entrance for clients to use when they come in and out. Signs must be visible reminding clients to disinfect their hands.
  4. Restaurants in operations must maintain a maximum of 50% sitting capacity.
  5. For premises with elevators, the number of people using a unit at the same time must be restricted according to the capacity of the elevator and considering keeping 1.8 meters between people.
  6. Barbershops, beauty salons must increase all sanitary measures, disinfecting all equipment, tools and surfaces that clients touch with more frequency than usual. They are encouraged to wear masks while doing their work and are recommended to work with appointments to avoid crowding.
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