Government Supports Vulnerable Workers with Ksh5000 monthly Stipend

Huduma Namba queues

The novel COVID-19 has been a pain in the arse for Kenyan living from hand to mouth as they have been financially suffering since it hit hard the country. The government invented ways to help Kenyans beat the pandemic among them helping the most vulnerable of families together with youths most of whom lost their jobs because of the closure of businesses to be able to survive the pandemic.

The government through local administrative officers and chiefs had started identifying poverty-stricken family in the slums and villages enrolling them for a monthly Ksh 2000 that the government had set aside for them for three months to keep them going. Ministry of Health recently estimated that around 1.2 million Kenyans had by May lost their jobs since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country in early March.

But the youths being the backbone of our economy, Labour Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui on Wednesday, May 13, revealed that a number of Kenyans who lost their jobs due to  Covid-19 pandemic will be receiving monthly stipends from the government just like the vulnerable families.  The financial support targets about 350,000 workers who are set to receive Ksh5,000 each for three months.

“We are doing this, with our source of information being the recent household survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. We have also carried out our own engagement with the social partners, that is the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) and the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU). My ministry keeps on receiving notices of redundancies and it ties well with what we have in our survey. Our focus is living, to ensure livelihoods are sustained so, in that case, we would also have to go out of our way to ensure that we support these people,” he said.

This will come as a relief to Kenyans especially those in worst-hit sectors like warehousing, retail, hotel and accommodation.