OLX Kenya Reports Upsurge of Helicopter Sales on the Classifieds Site

AS350 B3 Helicopter 6 seaterClassifieds sites have for sometime now acted as fronts for many businesses that don’t have a good business frontage. For many it’s been a place to get access to customers they ideally wouldn’t have on their traditional business premises. They have also been useful for those without business premises sue to the limitless opportunity the internet presents.

Now OLX, a classifieds site reports that in the last 6 weeks there has been an increase of sales of helicopters. Something that’s not your usual commodity for many, due to the high price. These range from Kshs 7 million and Kshs 210 million according to OLX, going by the sale price on the platform. in March OLX would report sales of 2 choppers in March while April and May has seen upto 10 choppers sold via OLX.

This has been attributed to the forcoming elections that call for mobility of politicians, best enabled by helicopters.

“There has been a spike in the number of choppers posted on OLX the past two months. In the month of March, we only had two choppers compared to the month of April and May where we have seen it go up to 8- 10 choppers a month which is anticipated to only go up in the coming two months.” Mr. Peter Ndiang’ui, OLX country manager said.

An OLX frequent seller Mr. Gauis Khainga told OLX that he has been using OLX to sell other items but saw an opportunity to sell choppers hoping to get buyers in this period and has since received inquiries from both individuals and politicians.

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