Kenya Government Declares National Holiday for Census Exercise

kenya census 2019 holiday

Kenya has a national census every decade and we are in a census year. Well, the government has made that census tally day official.

The Kenyan government has officially designated August 26th as a public holiday which will allow maximum enumeration of Kenyans during the population census, as per the government. The activity will begin next Saturday.

“To ensure maximum enumeration during the first two days (August 24 and 25) of the Census period, I have authorized Monday, 26th August 2019 to be a Public Holiday,” President Uhuru Kenyatta announced at the Kenyatta National Convention Centre.

During the exercise, the government said that they have taken necessary steps to ensure that the activity takes place in a “safe environment and with minimal disruption.” A team of 2,467 technology supervisors, 22,268 content supervisors an 138,572 enumerators have been assembled and deployed for the 2019 census exercise.

The government also says that all enumerators will be accompanied by uniformed security officers and with community elders and leaders of residents’ associations, depending on the area.

The President called on all Kenyans to support the census exercise and noted the fact that the government had to reschedule school opening dates so that to minimize movement of persons during the exercise.

The government is also pretty proud of the technology they will use during the exercise. The President says that he is proud of the use of technology in the census where the tech used for the census have been locally assembled at Moi Universities and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Well this is great that we will have another holiday in this fine August month.