Ten Travel Bloggers Who will Have You Lusting for Magical Kenya

Magical Kenya

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us,” anonymous

Travel blogs are a big source of inspiration because through their photographs & stories, they are able to undress the beauty of different destinations. If you are in Kenya, you don’t have to travel outside the country to capture lifetime memories and if you are thinking of an African tour destination, add Kenya to your bucket-list. Through travel blogs, previously unknown places are discovered.

These are the top Kenyan travel blogs that are always showcasing Kenya as the best travel destination;

(1) Magical Kenya

If you planning a trip to Kenya or just interested in learning more about the country, then Magical Kenya is the site to visit. Magical Kenya is an official site by Kenya Tourism Board which is designed to let you explore Kenya and discover the untold wealth of destinations and experiences available to both locals and foreign tourists. It is an all-in-one website where you get to chose ‘what to do’, ‘what to see’, ‘Places to visit’ and ‘Visit Kenya’. The ‘Visit Kenya’ option entails Visa information, plan your trip, seasonal offers as well as tour operators.

(2) The Kenyan Camper

Lets talk about the ultimate camping destinations around the country on the Kenyan Camper website by Kenyan Camper. Its a bit baffling how Kenyan Camper is a good photographer, a content creator and a good writer. His blog provides information on all matters camping, camping sites, bandas and other self catering facilities.

(3) Zuru Kenya

This is a travel and lifestyle magazine. Zuru Kenya will give you tips on budget travelling, safari sharing for the lone travelers, wildlife photography skills & tips and also keeping you informed on the top attractions & hangouts around the country. This blog will captivate you with stunning shots and laid back style of narration about the beautiful landscapes and creatures around the country.

(4) The Lady with A Map

This is another awesome travel blog written by Candyanne. She has an intense passion for language, culture, and food coupled with a big bucket list of adventures. Candyanne provides the average Kenyan with all the information they need to know about major destinations around Kenya and outside the country. Candyanne is a solo female traveler who uses her writing skills to tell us more about her adventures.


Wachera is a solo traveler who shares in writing, the fun of touring various destinations both in Kenya and around the globe. Her blog oozes energy and inspiration as she tell us about her experiences in traveling, volunteering, road trips in Kenya and hiking in the Kenyan mountains.

(6)Wangeci Gitahi

In her own words- ‘Wangechi Gitahi is a young Christian lady who eats, sleeps, breaths travel and thus creating opportunities to travel as much as possible.’ Wangeci has a very active and inquisitive mind, that has  led her to actively  learn about the World from the World. Her blog will make you pack your back packers and leave as she narrates her trips to top Kenyan destinations. Some of the places she has visited include Amboseli National park which she terms as an animal haven, Maralal camel Derby, Maasai Mara National Reserve and the Lake Turkana cultural festival in Marsabit. Wangeci Gitahi is a solo traveler.


This travel blog will give you insights on budget travelling, best accommodation around the country, best Kenyan camping & hiking wears, what to pack when visiting various destinations in the country & around the world and the best safari camps to experience magical memories around the country. Kenyatalii provides tips on how to switch up solo traveling to make it fun.


This is another ultimate travel blog which will quench all your travel needs questions. Safari254 has previously won an award as the best Kenya’s travel blog. This blog covers experiences in Africa, Asia, Central America and also in Kenya. Safari254 mostly gives first hand reviews of restaurants, hotels, game parks, reserves and other destinations hence making it a one stop site for all local and foreign adventurers.

(9) northrifttourism

North Rift Tourism is a travel blog that focuses on Kenya’s destinations such as Uasin Gishu & Nandi, Elgeyo Marakwet & Pokot, Baringo, Trans zoia & Mt Elgon as well as Turkana. Through this website, you will get insights on the new destinations in north rift of Kenya and their improvements. The blog also gives suggestions on ‘what to do’ & ‘Where to go’ when you adventure the North Rift.


When you visit his blog, you will surely acknowledge that Africa is a blessed continent. Mwangi has managed to document various experiences as he travels Kenya such as Rumuruti Livestock market, Great Grevy’s  Rally 2018, fighting poverty in Marsabit and Sneaking up on a rhino to photograph it. The blogger also shares with readers what it take it takes to be a successful photographer & videographer in Kenya. From his blog, you will also admire well taken shots.

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