Orion Online Mall Enters the Kenya Ecommerce Space

A few years ago, a thriving ecommerce in kenya was just a mere dream. But this dream is a now a reality as the growth momentum in this online platform is now unstoppable.

Orion Online Mall which is locally owned is the new entrant of the Kenyan Online shopping platform which is dominated by brands such as Jumia, Kilimall, Pigiame & Masoko by Safaricom.

As told by Businessdailyafrica, the platform which was launched today will promote online buying and selling of goods inclusive of groceries , electronics as well as services.

Orion will start by trading from its own stock before it brings in retailers to the website, who will trade on commission-on-sales criteria.

“We will also use site traffic for advertisement revenue from corporates and advertisers,” said the Orion Online Mall founder Peter Wangai.

Orion Online Mall will be an all-in-one platform inclusive of a service centre, a logistics and a grocery outlet. Goldenscape Group Limited the owner of the mall and Veedura Groceries Limited will also be in charge of Orion’s grocery outlet.

According to statista, the thriving ecommerce sector amounted to $2.3 trillion of the total Worldwide retail sales as of 2017. The sector will hopefully hit $4.48 trillion by 2021.

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