Free Masonry’s Hand in Various Unique Buildings in Nairobi

All saints cathedral

Talk about freemasonry in a normal setting and be sure you will have a heated unending debate & very differing opinions.

Unlike what most people think, Freemasonry is not a religion, it is a brotherhood society that offers its members an approach to life which seeks to promote thoughtfulness for others, kindness in the community, honesty in business, courtesy in Society and fairness in all things,caring for the less fortunate, help for those in need. Irrespective of you being a Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Parsee etc, all freemasonry cares about is whether you believe in a deity. Freemasonry refers to God as ‘The great Architect’.

Under the United Grand Lodge of England (most likely where the free masonry god sleeps) there are 330,000 Freemasons meeting in 8644 lodges all over the world, including Kenya and a membership of roughly 5 million people(which is a small number given that a good number of Kenyans aspire to join this secret society). Its easy to join, you only need to believe in a supreme being but you must be referred by someone who is already in the secret society.

According to the book A Jubilee History of Nairobi, it is indeed freemasonry that gave Nairobi the famous unique well-defined buildings. Freemasonry hand in Nairobi architecture started early 1900s when Nairobi was an empty place with most parts occupied by wild animals (currently wild people). The original founders of the city were Asians, Arabs, Somalis and Europeans who brought freemasonry in Nairobi.

Our glorious city’s layout was borrowed from Washington DC, Paris, Cape Town, Pretoria, Canberra, New Delhi and a city in Argentina called La Plata. All the architectural structures from these cities were deemed as masonic and all designed to form an Ankh which is an ancient Egyptian cross symbol and which symbolized eternal life.

By 1901 there was a Freemasonry lodge in Nairobi. The first masonic lodge was a portion of White House building put up by T.A. Wood on government road which is now Moi Avenue. This building hosting the Masonic lodge is now no more as it was blazed in 1905 as a sanitation measure against plague. Soon after the burning down of the White House which accommodated the first masonic lodge, the next Masonic hall was built where the Central Bank stands and which was built on a permanent underground river that runs across Nairobi from the Ngong Hills.

In 1935, the Masonic Trustees were given the parcel of land right opposite the All Saints Cathedral was to put up the current building at the site- The Freemasons Hall on Nyerere road. To many people, this building opposite Serena is a perfect example of evil. In September 2000, the Mungiki tried to burn down this white building which is partly hidden by trees. The mungiki’s claimed that they wanted to kill a snake inside the hall that was being fed blood of children offered as rituals. Their efforts were futile as they were never allowed past the gate by teargassing riot cops.

The Parliament is also another shadow of the Masons as it was put up by the Triad Architects who came to Kenya in 1946. Triad Architects also designed the Aga Khan Hospital.

All Saints Cathedral Church originally called Cathedral of the Highlands, construction started in 1917 and was designed by Mr. Temple Moore, an architect who ‘thought Gothic’.

Other outstanding buildings with a touch of the masonry architecture are; The High Court, McMillan Memorial Library, Nairobi School, Jamhuri School, The National Archives, Kenya Railways headquarters in Nairobi and City Hall. All these buildings showcase these shadowy cabals’ expertise in bricklaying and stone carving.

With the current European borrowed buildings all over Nairobi, we cant thank the free masonry enough for the distinctive architecture in Nairobi (really). These masonry erected buildings Majorly represent the political, economic, educational or religious powers of the city.

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