Kenya Police Issue Warning on LED Bars, Blinking Brake Lights and Modified Exhausts

Kenya matatu at night
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Kenyans online have been complaining about modifications on cars that have proven to be a nuisance, especially to other drivers. On Twitter, it is easy to trace a number of tweets urging NTSA and the Police to issue a directive in the use of LED lights on personal and public transport vehicles.

The cries of the public seem to have been heard as the Police have issued stern warnings over what they term as illegal modifications on cars. These illegal modifications include mounting of bull bars on unauthorized vehicles, use of high powered LED lights and bars, modified exhaust systems, blinking brake lights, hidden number plates and loud music.

In a statement released on Twitter, the Police acknowledge that the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) had in the past sensitized motorists against such illegal modifications. “We have also noted that brake lights modification by private motorists and PSV owners is also on the rise and has been reported to cause untold suffering to other motorists, this is unlawful and insensitive too,” reads a tweet from National Police Service official account.

“This is to inform motorists and the general public that all these unlawful modifications will be dealt with as provided for in the Traffic Act,” added the police.

Modified Matatu
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The modification of cars in Kenya has been on the rise, especially with the use of LED lights to add cosmetic effects on the cars. The biggest issue has been the use of LED bars as headlights which have a blinding effect on other motorists and while some motorists claim that they use them because they can barely see at night, the Police is tagging this as inconsiderate.

The drama continues even with brake lights, where some motorists have modified their brake lights with colourful LED lights that are distracting and have even been said could trigger an epileptic attack.

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