Safaricom Intros New Internet Plus Package for Home Fiber Customers

Safaricom Internet plus

Safaricom has introduced a new internet package for Home Fiber customers dubbed Internet Plus. This is a package on top of the existing Safaricom Fiber packages that seeks to add some extras to new and existing Safaricom Fiber customers.

Effective immediately, the new extras which fall under the four packages; bronze, silver, gold and platinum will have a bump in price on top of existing prices for the various speeds. But the extras will be the same across the packages.

The current home fiber packages without Internet Plus are prices as follows:

  • Bronze – 5Mbps: Kshs 2500
  • Silver – 10Mbps: Kshs 3500
  • Gold – 20Mbps: Kshs 5000
  • Platinum – 40Mbps: Kshs 10,000

On the other hand, Home Fiber packages with Internet Plus are as follows:

  • Bronze – 5Mbps plus 2GB, 100 minutes, Unlimited SMS: Kshs 3000
  • Silver – 10Mbps plus 4GB, 200 minutes, Unlimited SMS: Kshs 4500
  • Gold – 20Mbps plus 4GB, 200 minutes, Unlimited SMS: Kshs 6000
  • Platinum – 40Mbps plus 4GB, 200 minutes, Unlimited SMS: Kshs 11,000

Safaricom Internet plus will be accessible by dialing *400# which is the code to manage Safaricom Fiber account. Customers will have a choice to use the extras on their phone number or transfer all to someone of their choice, of course a Safaricom number.

Querying of SMS, voice minutes and mobile data will be on either *100# for pre-pay or *200# for post-pay while *544# should return the mobile data balance. Safaricom Internet plus can only be purchased via Mpesa.

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