Kenyan Football Player Nabbed Match fixing

Kenya football

Claims on matchfixing on former Harambee stars defender, George Owino ‘Audi’ led to an investigation by FIFA; the world football governing body. Emails between Owino and Indian bookmaker Wilson Raj Perumal were uncovered after the investigation. This incident took place between 2009 and 2011.

Nation sport have uncovered a 10 page preliminary report on the investigation. Owino and Perumal worked together to influence Kenyan football matches on the international scene. This breaches the section 10 FIFA code of ethics. In the 177 emails exchanged between the two, Owino compromises himself and two other national teammates in the scandal. Perumal issues Owino with specific instructions to alter the match outcome.

“The purpose I’m going to bring you there is for business, but you have to remain loyal to me only. Remain free. Salary each month is $30000(KES 3million). If I say lose, you do as I say, or else you won’t see your salary.” Owino responded in other emails accepting Perumal’s conditions, “Fine, no problem, because even I want a good life for my family, so I will do as you say.”

Even more details between the two on a proposed move to an Australian club emerged from the email exchanges.

A World cup qualifier between Kenya and Tunisia on October 2009 is one of the key matches noted in this scandal.

In even more recent times, footage of Aden Marwa a Kenyan referee emerges where he is seen receiving Ksh. 60,000 bribe from an undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas posing as a Ghanaian football official. The expose aired after two years of investigation on African officials receiving cash bribes on the BBC African eye documentary.

Aden was the only Kenyan official shortlisted to be a Worldcup assistant referee.

Conspiracy to influence match results are sanctioned by suspensions, bans and at least cash fine of Kshs. 1.5million. Lifetime bans may be applied in serious cases.