Israeli Thieves Rob Cannabis Farm In First Ever Heist

Israeli Cannabis Farm

In case you didn’t know, Cannabis is legal in Israeli for medical purposes. That was the case until a recent incident where armed robbers broke into a medical cannabis farm in a first-ever attempt which was successful, and made away with kilograms of cannabis.

As reported by the police spokesperson, masked and armed robbers raided a medical cannabis farm in northern Israeli, stealing cannabis and a pistol from the security guards. The police at the scene report to have collected enough evidence to lead them to the thieves. This is the first successful robbery attempt on the farm located in Lake Kinneret area where medical cannabis is grown.

Medical Cannabis farms in Israeli take such criminal activities very seriously because it poses a big threat to the final cannabis reform, designed to substantially increase the number of farmers in the sector that came to effect recently. The reform is also meant to cut the quantity of cannabis received by each patient and to connect the cost to the quantity in order to reduce this source of illegal cannabis which armed robbers have found a window through.

In future when Cannabis is approved for export, about 40 to 50 farms and cooperative ventures in Israel will be founded for exportation to penetrate the private market where trade is being conducted by patients themselves selling or giving their surpluses to friends and relatives.

Delayed approval of export is purposed to increase the Ministry of Public Security’s budget to tighten protection of the farms, but with the current case, the police must get on their toes to protect the farms when the additional money is allocated.

The robbery incident in the medical cannabis farm might postpone development in the sector and the transition to exports. In as much as the security standards for farms will be further tightened, the additional cost will likely stagger growth making it unprofitable.

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