Music and Religious Genres are The Most Popular Content in Kenya

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music religion dominate kenyan local content


Recently, the Communications Authority of Kenya released the Sector Statistics for Q2 2018-19 which covers between October and December of 2018. It has some interesting data and this is one of them.

Kenyans consume content from radio and TV and they are usually segmented according to various genres. This includes magazines, current affairs, sports, documentaries, comedies, drama, reality, children, talk sows, religious shows and music. It is not a surprise as to what Kenyans consume the most and the chart provided paints a clear picture.

According to the Communications Authority of Kenya, when it comes to the popularity of local content, music and religious content take the lion’s share of the pie with 31.7% and 24.1% each.

Music content is no surprise since our local TV shows have dedicated time-slots for showing music videos and our radio shows also play local content.

Religious content is also quite popular in Kenya and you will see dedicated religious radio station as well as live broadcasts of religious gatherings on TV. It is no surprise it is firmly in second place.

In third place, we have talk shows. Talk shows are mainly done in the morning and according to CAK, they command 15.6% of the total local content, which is unchanged from the last quarter.

The rest include Magazines (7.8%), Children (5.1%), Documentaries (4.8%), Drama (3.8%), Reality (2.9%) and Comedy & Sports hold the last place with 0.5% share each.

This data shows there is a lot of potential in the various genres shown above and local content is skewed towards music, religion and talk shows.

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