NRG in Hot Pursuit Of Radio Hosts Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe Over Non-Compete Clause

Kamene and Andrew Kibe being sued over Non compliance clause.

Radio presenters Kamene Goro and his longtime cohost Andrew Kibe will be appearing before the Employment and Labour Relations Court today after their former employer, NRG filed a lawsuit against them over breach of a contract they had signed with the station.

Sources reveal that the two had signed a non-compete clause. The law by precedence states you can restrict one’s career via a non compete clause under Kenyan labour laws. Borrowing from other similar lawsuits in the past,  it is difficult to restrict a former employee’s ability to earn through a ‘non compete’ contract, which is not justifiable under Keya labour laws. But NRG seems more than willing to take the chance.

The duo hosted NRG’s popular Breakfast Show before leaving the station to join one of Kenya’s biggest morning shows, Breakfast with the Stars on Kiss 100 which currently reaches over 2 million listeners barely a month ago. Breakfast with the stars was being hosted by Adele Onyango and Shaffie Weru.

Previously, Kamene Goro was a prime time news anchor, a reporter, a host of Just the Facts, The Weekly Report, and Africa in Brief at Ebru TV. Andrew Kibe, on the other hand, is best to know for his controversial statements. Kibe and Kamene Goro are scheduled to start working at Kiss FM from Monday from 6am-10pm

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