Frustrated Kamene Goro Stressing Over Life After Being Slapped With An Injunction

Kamene sued by NRG

On Friday, Radio Presenter Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe appeared before the Employment and Labour Relations Court after their employer, NRG Radio Limited sued them over a non-compete clause.

The duo hosted NRG’s popular Breakfast Show before leaving the station to join one of Kenya’s biggest morning shows, Breakfast with the Stars on Kiss 100. As per the Non-compete clause, the law by precedence states you can restrict one’s career via a non compete clause under Kenyan labour laws

In NRG’s application the company noted that three months is reasonable to restrain the Respondent and asked the court to “grant a temporary order of injunction restraining the Respondent from performing services for, carrying or being engaged or interested or concerned directly or indirectly or publicly identifying with the promotion of or the services provided by, any other radio station within the Republic of Kenya or in any business which in anyway competes with the Applicant’s business pending the hearing and determination of this application.”

An injunction is a court order requiring a person to do or cease doing a specific action. Failure to comply with a notice of an injunction is punishable by being held in contempt of court. Kamene Goro who is yet to wrap her head around the whole lawsuit poured out her grieving heart on Instagram, pondering about what her life will be like in the uncertain future.

“I’ve been taken to court. It’s now public knowledge. An injunction has been slapped on me. I’m not supposed to go on air, so what guys? How am I supposed to work? Where do I earn my living from? my career, my future,” she said

While the Applicant is willing to pay the Respondent during the non-competition period according to the filed application, Radio Africa’s CEO Patrick Quarcoo promised to aggressively defend its new employees on this suit.

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