Man Offers Daughter For Sacrifice, Witch Declares Her Unclean Over Menses

Man Sacrifices daughter

Police in Uganda are in hot pursuit of one Emmanuel Bwana, who allegedly tried to sacrifice his own flesh and blood. The man tailed his 13-year-old daughter who had been sent to a nearby borehole to fetch water on Thursday morning. On his way, it is said that he contacted two unidentified people who arrived on a motorcycle, blindfolded the daughter and sped off only for her mother Teddy Nabirye to learn about her daughter’s disappearance later on.

“I sent her to go and fetch water, but she was not returning. I asked her friends, who I noticed were returning to their homes with water if they had seen my daughter, they said they had not seen her,” her mother narrated.

After two hours of searching for the minor, residents found her at a neighbouring school crying. She said that her father had forced her to undress and performed rituals on her before an unidentified witch doctor inside a shrine but when she refused to heed to her fathers’ demands, four men forcefully lifted her into the shrine where ritual sacrifices were performed against her will.

Lucky for her the witch doctor declared her unclean and commanded the father to look for a suitable candidate after discovering that she was in her monthly periods. The girl was taken to a nearby health centre for medical examination and psychosocial support.

The police spokesperson said they are tracking possible leads on the suspect’s whereabouts and a team has already been dispatch on the ground to follow possible leads of arresting Bwana, who will face charges of attempted child sacrifice.

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