Kenya Railways Bows to Pressure, Suspends Ban on Foodstuffs

SGR Ticket cancellation and Rescheduling

Kenya Railways recently announced that its passengers using the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) between Nairobi and Mombasa will not be allowed to bring food and drinks from outside and travellers will have to buy food and drinks on offer inside the coaches from a local subsidiary of global catering and logistics business.

“Kenya Railways wishes to remind our passengers and customers that alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and cooked food are strictly prohibited into the termini and stations. Those items will be confiscated at security checkpoints at the termini and train stations. Please note that items once confiscated will not be repossessed,” said the firm in a public notice.

Kenyans went ballistic on Twitter, expressing their displeasure about Kenya Railway’s decision, some terming it as sheer exploitation with a majority threatening to boycott the SGR services. The Corporation was forced to bow down to pressure and heed to the cries of the public.

In an official notice to the public, Kenya railways suspended the ban on food and beverages until further notice, a decision that comes as reprive as the holidays are just a few months away.

“Following customer feedback on the notice prohibiting entry of beverages and foodstuffs into the SGR termini and stations, Kenya Railways will like to assure our customers that we have instituted negotiations with our service provider to improve customer service in trains and stations.

“In Lieu of this, Kenya Airways wishes to inform our esteemed customers that a decision has been taken to suspend the directive until further notice to allow for the conclusion of the negotiations. Please note that the decision only applies to entry of foodstuff. Alcoholic drinks are still strictly prohibited into the termini and stations,” read the notice.

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