Silverstone Airline has a Brand Crisis, and Kenyans have Memes for that

Silverstone Brand Crisis

Silverstone Air has been trending for the better part of today, following an emergency landing at Eldoret International Airport by one of its planes after a tyre fell off during take-off. An official statement from the airline confirmed the incident saying that the plane had four passengers on board, headed to Nairobi from Lodwar. Luckily the passengers escaped unharmed and were booked into another aircraft for the remainder of their journey.

“We would like to confirm that earlier today our flight Dash 8 – 300 from Lodwar to Nairobi experienced an incident during takeoff and as a result, lost the number 3 wheel assembly,” read the statement.

The incident comes in less than a month after another plane operated by Silverstone Air crashed at Wilson Airport shortly after take-off. Some Kenyans on Twitter were quick to tear down the name of the brand into pieces, while others threw in their two cents poking the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority to spring into action and investigate the matter. Despite the tongue lashing at Silverstone Air on social media by enraged Kenyans, some sneaked in hilarious memes of how the situation must have been for those on board.

1. When shit hits the fan in a blink of an eye.

2. Silverstone Airplane taking off from Githurai

3. While in the clouds.

4. Sweet Jesus where are you.

5. If only there was a quick way to get over with it.

6. But why?

7. Silverstone Air not taking any chances.

8.That confidence when getting on board.

9. When dreams switch to reality.

10. Fighting bravely.

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