Safaricom’s 4G Connectivity and Customer Service Brings all the Boys (and Girls) to the Yard

Safaricom customer service

Safaricom PLC tops the list of giant telcos in the industry in Kenya, that contribute immensely to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product and tax revenues. Among its key products are Data, Voice and SMS and most successful of them all Mpesa. Rapid penetration of mobile phones in the last two decades has seen the telco industries restructure their customer service framework to meet a large number of daily customers who use their products.

A report by Ajua, Africa’s first Integrated Customer Experience company for businesses on the continent, has revealed that Safaricom has the best customer experience primarily contributed by great internet offers and promotions like Dabodabo, Storo bonus, Tunukiwa, Double Storo bonus, and free YouTube among others outshining its competitors, Telcom and Airtel.

“Great 4G capability, great promotional materials like 200% bonus and great tariffs,” one subscriber noted.

In addition to great offers, strong and fast network-accessible countrywide and reliable and stable mobile money
services made Safaricom outstanding. In previous quarters, Safaricom customers complained about the fast depletion of internet bundles and airtime. But in quarter three there were fewer complaints with customers mentioning better rates over the past three months.

While Telkom and Airtel have come together in a merger, to level the playing field by promoting equal competition and as a result give customers more choices, Safaricom on its 19th Birthday introduced data bundles, calls and SMSs with no expiry date.

Safaricom said it will serve its more than 33 million customers in under five minutes both at its shops across the country and Call Centre, and starting November 1, 2019, new customers joining the network will get SIM cards for free at Safaricom shops and dealer outlets, upon which a customer will top up with Sh 50 airtime to activate their line.

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