5 Fulfilling Ways To Spend Your December Holiday

December Holiday

At last the long-awaited month of December is here. I bet your plan is to hit the road back into the village to see your folks or stick around Nairobi make a few more bucks to see you into the new year. Either will do. But you could spice your December up with extra fun activities that could usher out 2019 in style.

The feeling in the air is that of merry-making in the spirit of togetherness, sharing, and thanksgiving. So when your teeth are not ripping the meat off some grilled goat ribs, then you better be somewhere in coast with your lovebird sipping sweet wine on the white sandy beaches watching the waves of the Indian Oceans making advances towards the shores. The options are unlimited.

If you goal is to make the most of December, because there is not going to be another one ever in 2019, you should be thinking about engaging in activities that are fulfilling. These activities should totally be worth your while and top of your list should be:

1.Family and friends

Family is everything in this life, then followed by close friends in your circle who are legit. You definitely don’t want to miss family gatherings. It such family functions that you get to know your relatives especially the extended family, create connections, memories and strong unbreakable bonds. December holiday will be much better spending quality time with your family and friends, toasting your bottles of beer to new beginnings.

2. Vacation with Bae

The love of your life, the mother of your child deserves or your significant others deserves special treatment. During these festive seasons, the hospitality industry is extremely generous offering amazing discounts and deals for couples. Now will be the best time to swing in and take advantage of a 30% off dinner reservation in a posh hotel or a discounted package from a tours and travel company to Maasai Mara. You will love it.

3. Community Service

Volunteering to community projects cleaning a city, car washing, planting trees is a meaningful way of spending your holiday. Proceeds from some activities are used to put a smile on someone’s face, especially the less fortunate in children homes, prisoners, the sick in hospitals and the elderly in nursing homes. Alternatively, in your group, you may mobilize resources and less fortunate in your community just to make their holiday special.

4. Retreats and church seminars

If God has been good to you throughout the year, you might want to take some time off to reconnect and sincerely thank him for having your back all the way. Retreats are a good way to renourish and rejuvenate your spiritual life. Gets you to meditate and reflect upon your purpose o earth. Seminars in the hand will keep you armoured with knowledge and skills to go about life situations. It’s a good platform to make friends in christ.

5. Nature travel

While the rains this December have become a little too much, it’s okay to get dirty while having fun. Don’t cancel it off your list just yet. Going for such travels in groups will be much more fun, as there as so many activities you could engage in.

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