5 Things That Could Ruin Your December Holiday

Family time December

Family, friends, loved ones, food, and drinks make festive seasons enjoyable. It’s the best time of the year until it becomes your worst and most stressful moment holiday of your life. Elements of surprise could ruin it all.

A study report showed that there is an increase in cardiac deaths starting around Thanksgiving, climbing through Christmas, peaking on New Year’s Day, postulating these deaths during the holidays could be resulting from factors like emotional stress of the holidays, overindulgence during the holiday season or both. Here are some of the things that could ruin your December Holiday.

1.Too much workload

Christmas and New Year don’t just drop off the calendar already. People have to put in some effort to do some serious planning so that the events turn out to be a success. The fact that schools and colleges have closed, means that more aunties, uncles, and all the other extended family members will be making trips into your homestead for the family get together. Those household chores could last forever.

2.Q and A sessions

Everyone now knows you are in Nairobi making so much money, living large and happy. Your auties will be on your neck asking when you will be marrying. Others will be generous enough to give you tips and advice on how to go about it, every trick in the book of love so they can have an opportunity to come to your wedding and boast to the rest of the villagers about how rich their son is. Your greedy cousins will be all over your case asking for money and tips as if you have been busting your arse to make them happy.

3. Excessive spending

You cannot run away from it. If you are not buying gifts for everyone in the family then you are busy contributing money to feed hungry village stomachs with an insatiable appetite. For the better part of is finding its way out of your pocket than its getting in. Without forgetting January will come knocking stone-faced without giving a shit whether last month was December.

4. Unmet expectations

You are probably looking forward to a special treat in a nice hotel where bae will pop the question that could invoke new beginnings after years of dating, pop a bottle of champagne and get a really expensive gift from him. Then your not so friendly mother in law insists that you both go home in Ukambani, and what follows is a stressful, holiday of walking kilometers in search of water to serve an overflowing household.

5. Breaking your dieting rules

By all means, you must partake in all the food prepared in that household. High calories, excessive sugar, too much fats, and alcohol, will become your acquaintances. You don’t want people branding you as the choosy type from Nairobi too proud to eat what the village has to offer.

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