County Turns Alcohol Business into a 24-Hour Economy In New Proposal

24 Alcohol Business

Kenya is a drinking nation and Embu county residents are in for a treat. Embu county liquor stores, drinking dens, and bars will be making a 24 hour killing from huge sales after the Cunty government revised its official alcohol consumption hours.

In an amendment to the Embu County Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2019, the County Assembly Trade Committee Chairman Lenny Masters Mwaniki has recommended sale and consumption of alcohol 24 hours a day, with official consumption hours revised from 5 pm to 3 pm Monday to Friday to counter illicit brew in the region.

To be effective seven days a week, hotels, lodges, restaurants, members’ clubs and travelers’ lodges are among establishments in this line of businesses that will benefit greatly from these recommendations. Supermarkets, wines and spirits outlets in Embu will be authorized to sell alcohol from 10 am to 8.30 pm, nightclubs will be authorized to sell liquor from 2 pm to 3 am, theatre will be permitted to sell alcohol from 4 pm to 11 pm while bars will now be allowed to sell alcohol from 11 am to 11 pm during weekends and gazetted public holidays.

According to the county officials, opening bars at 3 pm will give government officials enough time to inspect the cleanliness of drinking dens, ensure that the quality of liquor sold meets the standard requirements and that the businesses have legal permits to conduct their businesses. While many will point out that this recommendation will turn youth into alcohol addicts, the officials noted that it was for their good especially for youths doing menial jobs at urban centres who have a thing for illicit liquor.