High Court Suspends All Flights From China Following a Petition By LSK

After a Chinese plane landed at JKIA despite Coronavirus scare, Kenyans took to Social media to express their frustrations at the government for jeopardizing 48 million lives to protect for their selfish motives.

The Law Society of Kenya swung into action and filed a petition against the government for downplaying the coronavirus threat that is quickly spreading worldwide. The petition filed on Friday, February 28, under a certificate of urgency, faulted the government’s decision to all the flights from China into the country arguing it was threatening the lives of millions of Kenyans.

“Pending the hearing and determination of the application a conservatory order be issued suspending the respondent’s decision to allow the China Southern Co. Airlines Ltd resumption of non-essential flights from China to Kenya,” read the petition in part.

Outgoing Health CS Sicily Kariuki, China Southern Airline and Kenya Airports Authority among others, were been listed as respondents to the petition. The High Court has temporarily suspended flights from China. Justice James Makau who issued the ruling said the matter is of great public interest. He also issued an order preventing Health CS, Transport CS, Foreign Affairs CS, the AG and the Kenya Airport Authority from letting into the country any person from China through the air or sea. These orders also apply to any other WHO-designated hot spot country that is adversely affected by the virus.