Controversial Pastor Ng’ang’a Threatens to Wipe a Generation over Land Row

Pastor Ng'ang'a in land row with Kenya Railways

On Friday, Kenya Railways Corporation Managing Director served the founder of Neno evangelism Pastor Ng’ang’a with a letter claiming that his Church located along Haile Selassie Avenue sits on the corporation’s piece of land and plans are underway to reclaim the land as it was not converted from public to private use as per the law. On the parcel also sits other businesses including a petrol station.

“You are hereby requested to surrender all documents relating to the irregular allocation of the above-referenced property to the corporation. Historical records in our possession indicate that the land bound by Haile Selassie Avenue, Uhuru Highway and Bunyala Road in which various railway infrastructure is contained was reserved for railway use.

“It has, however, been established that new grants on portions of the land were issued by the Commissioner of Lands in around 1994 without the consent of the corporation. Hence, the process was irregular,” read the letter.

This notice arouses memories of 2011 when the city council demolished his church over unknown reasons. This time around, Pato Nganga has refused to watch from the sidelines, helpless, scared and defeated. He has come out guns blazing vowing to fight for his hard about to the marrow.

During a televised sermon to his congregation,  he categorically stated that his piece of land was bought from the Central Bank of Kenya. He said that the owner of his parcel had a bank that borrowed money from the Central Bank. The bank went under and Central Bank seized its property which it sold to get money to pay back depositors.

The toughie pastor dared those chasing his tail to go ahead and backdate the records to show that the land belonged to the corporation, but serious consequences would befall them.

“I swear before God, hutabakisha hata mjukuu duniani hapa (you won’t even have a grandchild left on the face of the earth). Will I keep issuing blessings? We also curse. It is inconceivable that people wake up to joke with a man of God. Which God are you playing with?

Pastor Nga’nga has gained a massive following in these recent years, thanks to his endless controversy that shrouds his career and personal life, which all too often gets social media users wagging their tongues.