Earthquake Reported in Kenya with Tremor Experienced Widely

Earthquake Tremor

An M6.3 earthquake that hit Indonesia at a depth of 10km is suspected to have caused the tremors in Kenya.

The 10 to 15 seconds tremor was reported in most parts of Kenya. The meterological department confirmed an earth tremor hit some parts of Kenya on Sunday evening,but no significant damage was caused.

The Kenya Meteorological Department confirmed the earthquake in a phone call to NTV Kenya but said there is no cause for alarm.

Meteorological services said the tremor was felt in Meru, Embu Nyeri, Naivasha, Nakuru, kiambu, Makueni and around the coastal region

The Kenya Meteorological Department confirmed the earthquake in a phone call to NTV Kenya but said it was just a minor tremor.
According to the, a 4.8 magnitude quake hit Wundanyi in Taita Taveta County at 7.21pm.

Writing on his Twitter timeline, Scott Bellows, An assistant professor of management at the United States International University-Africa, urged those in coastal Kenya (Mombasa, Kilifi, Malindi, Lamu and Diani) to seek higher ground as a precaution.

Mr Bellows, however, is not a geologist but an assistant professor of management at USIU-Africa

“Leave low lying areas near the beach until given an all clear after geologists pinpoint earthquake epicentre. Possible tsunami,” said Mr Bellows.

Kenyans took to Twitter to raise the alarm over a tremor felt at between 7.21pm and 7.23pm.

Under the hashtag #tremor, Kenyans on Twitter to share their experiences.

@MartBlazin said, “Felt some Earth Tremors on my living room, I guess this my first time in my life that I have experienced this, from Nairobi, Kenya.”

@omickitten:I swear there was a #tremor just now. Ama ni kwetu kunabomoka?@natekev; Seems there’s been an earthquake in Spain, with ripple effects felt in Kenya

David Ngua tweeted, “I’m in Parklands Nairobi and just felt tremors. Anyone experienced the same?”.

@Simon_Mwangi9: I thought the weed was expired, it was real guys

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