NHIF Changes Should be at Interest of The People – COTU

NHIF Member Management Review

The Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) has come out with guns blazing at the outrageous changes the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) has made regarding it’s members. Commenting on the matter, COTU Deputy Secretary-General Benson Okwaro termed the changes as punitive and retrogressive and demanded that NHIF withdraw the circular issued last week to allow for consultations with relevant stakeholders.

In a notice to its Regional managers, Branch manager and senior officials seen by Urbwise, the fund has listed a number of revisions for waiting period to members effective 1st January 2020, among them, changes capping of those insured to a maximum of one wife and five children.

“It is absurd for NHIF to do such without any consultations, yet other previous CEOs have always consulted. We have written to the fund seeking clarification and a meeting. We will not be part of their punitive agenda.

“We will explore all avenues to prevent the fund from taking advantage of our members. We don’t oppose any changes that the fund might want to undertake by all means, but it should be at the interest of the people,” said the COTU Deputy Secretary-General Benson Okwaro.

Also, new members will be eligible for the benefits from specialized services after six months waiting period, while defaulters shall pay all penalties, one year upfront payment of contribution and a thirty-day waiting period.

Member defaulting for more than 12 months will start payments afresh and will be eligible for benefits after three months from the date of resumption in addition to a one year twelve month upfront payment payable within the waiting period while observing the penalty.