Kenya’s Anti-Corruption Watchdog Turns to The Bible to Fight Corruption

EACC Bible Study Guide

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has taken a new step in its fight against corruption. The commission launched a Bible study guide in collaboration with the Inter-Religious Sector with the hope that the Bible study guide will help Kenyans discover God’s position on corruption and his direction on living a corruption-free life.

The study guide titled, “Integrity: A Weapon Against Corruption” was launched on September 26, 2018. “Regardless of your status in the society, you can make a difference. The Guide inspires us to act and to believe our country can be free from corruption,” said EACC through Twitter.

Through the study guide, EACC aims to trigger participation from the whole nation in the fight against corruption. “Every member of our society has an opportunity to contribute to the success of the war against corruption,” they said.

As bizarre as this may sound, considering Kenya is not a one-religion state, the EACC believes that this will work a great deal in fighting corruption. “The fight against corruption is winnable but everyone must commit to live a life that enhances the virtues of integrity, justice, patriotism and love for one another,” read a tweet from the commission.

In true Kenyan tradition, Kenyans on Twitter had a few things to say about the news:

Anyway, this is the Kenya we live in now.

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